Hey introduce yourself by fiilling this form

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Hey introduce yourself by fiilling this form

Post  key4run on Sun Mar 15, 2009 12:08 am

•Birth Date:
•Your Name:
•I shall be pleased if you call me:
•Best Color:
•Food You Like:
•Cigrates for me is:
•What about drinks?
•Movie Of your Choice:
•The great actor to me:
•Best actress:
•Music that always beats on your heart:
•Your First Love:
•Fire of hate to …:
•Best pal of all:
•I’m superstitious about:
•I get turned by:
•My biggest fear
•My strength comes from:
•Also my weakness:
•My sex appeal:
•My wildest fantasy:
•Perfect Date:
•My preferred partner should be:
•Man/woman behind me:
•My biggest assets:
•My greatest necessity:
•The most usual thing I do:
•My destination, my ultimate desire:
•What tires me most:
•What touch me most:
•What love means to me:
•I think life is:
•What kind of person I’m? :
•Manko Kura forum for me is :
•Words from me to everyone:


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