Is the Focus Group’s actually worth?

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 Is the Focus Group’s actually worth?  Empty Is the Focus Group’s actually worth?

Post  NyasiaReynolds on Wed Aug 25, 2010 4:35 pm

Focus groups allow marketers to observe how and why consumers accept or reject concepts, ideas or any notion. The key to use focus groups successfully is to listen .It is critical to eliminate biases as much as possible. Although many useful insights can emerge from thoughtfully run focus groups, there can be questions as to their validity, especially in today’s marketing environment. Some researchers believe that consumers have been so bombarded with ads; they unconsciously parrot back what they have already heard as compared to what they think. There is also ways a concern that participants are just trying to maintain their self image and public personality or have a need to identify with the other members of the group. Participants may not be willing to admit in public or may not even recognize their behavior pattern and motivations.

Even when multiple groups are involved, it may be difficult to generalize the result to a broader population. Participants must feel as relaxed as possible and feel a strong obligation to speak the truth. Physical surroundings can be crucial. Researchers will easily understand, if there is a problem or a fight between the participants at any of the sessions. Actually it’s in such situations people burst out with the truths and phenomenon’s they now and experienced about the topic. Its there we have to keep our eye’s and ear’s open. Agencies looking for plus size models and companies whom themselves are looking for the same use to conduct and can conduct such focus groups, as it comes as a venue to derive new ideas and concepts and thereby to arrive at the final decisions.

Although many firms are substituting observational research for focus groups, evacuated research can be expensive and tricky. Researchers have to be highly skilled; participants have to be on the level and available of data’s have to be analyzed. The beauty of focus group is that, it’s still the most cost effective, quickest and dirtiest way to get information in rapid time on an idea. A focus group is like a chain saw. If we know what we are doing, it’s very useful and effective. If you don’t, you could lose a limb. So everything that we undertake will end up good, if it’s been managed properly and wisely.


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